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The Beginning

Scorpion Engineering Limited was created following the 1999 NZ Electricity reforms.  The  general move in the industry was for power companies to concentrate their efforts on asset management, and outsource engineering and design/build activities.  The reforms seemed to reiterate that move.

After working in the industry for 20 years, an opportunity arose to set up an engineering consultancy business.  Scorpion Engineering Limited was set up as a small family business.  Initially, we saw this as an opportunity to consult back to the electricity sector, but what made it more interesting was the chance to be a service provider to a much wider client base.  


New Opportunities

While setting up the business, we felt that we had skills that went further than engineering.  Reassured by the gap that existed in the market for these other skills, we set up three business lines within Scorpion Engineering Limited.

Our engineering and project management business line still forms the foundation of our enterprise.  A long term interest in strategic planning, and the belief that we could provide a superior planning model led to the development of our strategic planning business line.  Our third business line evolved from the desire to have some fun and meet an even more diverse range of people.  Web site creation is a fast growing and exciting frontier, and we think it would be fun to be a part of it.

Early in 2001, we saw the opportunity to return to the vertical integration that we were used to in the electricity company days.  By adding  electrical contracting to engineering design, we are now able to offer customers a fuller range of services.  We have experience in the complete range of electrical contracting activities, including domestic, commercial, industrial and utility installations.


The Future

Who can define the future?  We're not even bothering to try; to do so may limit the ways in which we could help and support our customers.  We are a technology company and a service provider - our future is controlled only by our imagination and our enthusiasm to make it happen. 

Santilal & Jude Parbhu          



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