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Lower Meg Power Station

In November 1999, Pioneer Generation's Lower Meg Power Station was inundated.  Two metres of water flowed through the station.  Two hydro electric generating plants and all of the control and protection equipment were lost.  Scorpion Engineering was involved in rebuilding the station on a tight time frame.  Within six months the first unit was up and running, and two months later the second unit was operational.  Scorpion Engineering was involved in earthing design, protection scheme design and generator excitation control.


Dunedin Electricity : Alexandra - Clyde Parallel Feeder Protection

Scorpion Engineering was engaged to complete this project which had been started by others.  The brief was to manage the project, finalise the design, and oversee the installation. 


Coronet Peak Ski Area

Ski fields are notorious for generating harmonics.  This is because they invariably use DC motors, or AC variable speed drives.  Poor power factor, caused by the number of electric motors operating on the field, is another problem prevalent with ski fields.  The Coronet Peak Ski Area suffered from both of these problems - high harmonic generation and poor power factor.  Scorpion Engineering is currently assisting Coronet Peak solve these power quality problems.


Wye Creek Power Station Upgrade

Some of the works associated with the Pioneer Generation's Wye Creek power station did not fit with the new industry structure.  For instance, a number of energy customers were embedded within the Pioneer network - this was not really appropriate.  The power station could not be automatically isolated if a fault occurred within the powerstation - this did not comply with the line company's requirements.  

The objective of this project was to remove the embedded supplies, and iinstall a new 33kV circuit breaker.  The existing arrangement used a powerline carrier system to communicate with the headpond.  As the power line was to be handed over to the line company at the end of the project, the communications system also needed to be replaced.


Contact Energy - Roxburgh Dam Spillway Project

The present arrangement for lifting the spillway gates consists of four concrete columns supporting three winches.  Each winch drives a chain which links each spillway gate with a 138 tonne concrete counterweight.  When the spillway gate is closed, the counterweights are suspended at a height of about 12 metres above the dam deck.  This arrangement has been identified as a seismic risk.

The project involves removing the counterweights, and cutting the columns down to a height of 6.5 metres.  Above this, steel columns will be used.  A hydraulic ram will be placed on a gantry between the steel columns, to replace the counterweight arrangement. 

The project will be carried out using contractors.  This largely civil engineering  project is managed in-house by Contact Energy staff.  Scorpion Engineering Limited has been engaged to provide on-site supervision, reporting the the Project Management team. 


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